Karin Zachmann and Sarah Ehlers (Eds.): “Wissen und Begründen”

Karin Zachmann and Sarah Ehlers (Eds.): “Wissen und Begründen”

Karin Zachmann and Sarah Ehlers have published the anthology “Knowing and Justifying. Evidence as contested resource in knowledge society“.

Despite increasing talk of an impending ‘post-factual era’, evidence is continually growing in importance in a knowledge society.  At the same time negotiations about the validity of knowledge have become a more politically controversial phenomenon over the 20th century, which shapes multiple fields of science, technology, politics, medicine and society.  Knowledge is no longer accepted per se in modern societies; rather society and actors have to be convincing to give their results evidence. But which practices do they apply, how is the validity of knowledge in various public contexts negotiated?

The anthology analyses these so understood evidence practices with an interdisciplinary perspective. The authors and authoresses therefore pursue examples from medical, communicational, economic, scientific, technological and environmental research and thereby connect the analysis of recent history with present phenomena.

With contributions from
Helena Bilandzic, Tommaso Bruni, Sarah Ehlers, Stefan Esselborn, Sascha Dickel, Kay Felder, Mariacarla Gadebusch Bondio, Christine Haßauer, Susanne Kinnebrock, Magdalena Klingler, Emilia Lehmann, Sabine Maasen, Ruth Müller, Jutta Roosen, Helmuth Trischler, Andreas Wenninger, Fabienne Will, Karin Zachmann

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