Conference 19th-21st 2020: “Practicing Evidence – Evidencing Practice”

Conference 19th-21st 2020: "Practicing Evidence – Evidencing Practice"

From February 19th-21st 2020, the DFG research group “Evidence Practices” is hosting an international conference “Practicing Evidence – Evidencing Practice. How is (Scientific) Knowledge Validated, Valued and Contested?” at the Carl Friedrich von Siemens Stiftung, Munich.

This conference will bring together international scholars from the history and sociology of science, technology and medicine, science and technology studies, media and communication studies, political science, architecture, economics, philosophy, literary studies, and anthropology. The event includes a pre-conference workshop, presenting works in progress around the question of evidence.

We aim to discuss research trends, to identify promising new questions, and to encourage international networking across disciplines, field boundaries, and national borders. Among the questions we seek to explore are: What counts (or does not count) as evidence in a given (disciplinary, practical or historical) context? How does this affect epistemic and social practices? How do evidence practices change over time? What happens to practices of evidence when established knowledge is challenged? What is the role of evidence-based knowledge in neoliberal, democratic and knowledge-based societies? How does the wider public react to (scientific) crises of evidence and the perceived blurring of boundaries between fact and opinion?

We are happy to have two distinguished scholars of the history and sociology of science and technology, Angela Creager (Princeton University) and Harry Collins (Cardiff University), as keynote speakers.

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