Video Series: Introducing the Subprojects

Video Series: Introducing the Subprojects

The interviews were conducted in connection with the lecture series “From Knowledge to Certainty: Practices of Evidence in Science, Medicine and Society” held by the research unit at TU Munich during winter semester 2017/18.

Please note: the videos are in German.

“How safe is safe enough?” – Evidenzpraktiken technischer Sicherheit

Prof. Dr. Karin Zachmann (History of Technology, TU Munich) and Dr. Stefan Esselborn (History of Technology, TU Munich)

Experten und Laien 2.0 – Wissenschaft im Kontext digitaler Partizipation

Prof. Dr. Sascha Dickel (Sociology of Scientific Knowledge, Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz) and Dipl.-Soz. Andreas Wenninger (Sociology of Scientific Knowledge, TUM)

Mediengeschichten und Evidenz

Prof. Dr. Helena Bilandzic (Communications Sciences, University of Augsburg), Prof. Dr. Susanne Kinnebrock (Communications Sciences, University of Augsburg) and Magdalena Klingler (Communications Sciences, University of Augsburg)

Wer definiert das Anthropozän? – Evidenzpraktiken in den Debatten um das Menschenzeitalter

Prof. Dr. Helmuth Trischler (History of Science, Environmental History, Deutsches Museum/LMU) and Fabienne Will (History of Science, Deutsches Museum)

Lebensmittelsicherheit im Spannungsfeld zwischen Risikoanalyse und Intuition

Prof. Dr. Jutta Roosen (Marketing and Consumer Research, TUM) and Christine Haßauer (Marketing and Consumer Research, TUM)

Was ist Exzellenz? Zu den Evidenzgrundlagen wissenschaftlicher Qualität

Prof. Dr. Ruth Müller (Science and Technology Policy, TUM) und Kay Felder (MCTS, TUM)