New Publication: Karin Zachmann, “Relativ sicher?” (Relatively Safe?)

New Publication: Karin Zachmann, "Relativ sicher?" (Relatively Safe?)

Karin Zachmann has published a new article, “Relativ sicher? Das Kernkraftrisiko als Herausforderung der Fürsorgediktatur der DDR” (Relatively Safe? The nuclear power risk as a challenge to the welfare dictatorship of the GDR), which appears in Volume 48 of the Tel Aviv Yearbook for German History, Made in Germany. Technologie, Geschichte und Literatur, edited by Galili Shahar, Sagi Schaefer, and Shaul Katzir, 2020.

From the publishers (translated):

… What we call modernity today is not least an era of technology. Individuals and societies have experienced a profound transformation through technological inventions and productions; new machines have changed work and warfare, living and mobility, language and communication, social and economic relationships. The authors of the Tel Aviv Yearbook 2020 interrogate the historical conditions and consequences of modern technologies: how have new machines influenced the modes of life and writing in Germany and elsewhere?