Call for Panelist (Deutscher Historikertag)

Call for Panelist (Deutscher Historikertag)

The section „Evidenzpraktiken und wissenschaftliche Glaubwürdigkeit in Zeiten gesellschaftlicher Spaltung“ (“Evidence practices and scientific credibility in times of societal division”) for the 52. Deutscher Historikertag (german historians day) in Münster, 25th-28th September 2018, is searching for a new referent in order to replace a shortfall. 

The section intends to examine the topic “Divided Societies” from a science- and knowledge-historical angle and to discuss the question, how in situations of deep societal polarization the attempt was made to validate knowledge and to make it evident. 

Possible contributions could be from following fields:

  • History of the Science of History 
  • History of criminalistics/forensic/juridical proof 
  • Medical and bioethical conflicts (e.g. the debate on the beginning of human life) 
  • Conflicts of economical world-views/ideologies 
  • Environmental protection and climate change discussion 
  • Similar topics from different disciplines and directions in which the validity of (scientific) knowledge was negotiated against the backdrop of societal division


Contributions: Sarah Ehlers, Stefan Esselborn, Katrin Kleemann 

Comment: Dirk van Laak 

Moderation: Karin Zachmann 

Description of sections and further information: 

If you are interested, please send us a topic suggestion and a CV until the 22nd January 2018: